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The Front Wrap Cross Carry

The wrap cross carry 1


1. Use the label to find the middle of your baby sling. Place it on your tummy with the two ends of the wrap around your waist and behind you. It forms a belt where you will slide the baby.





The wrap cross carry 2


2. Bring the right end of the wrap around behind you back and over your left shoulder.




The wrap cross carry 3

3a. Do the same thing on the other side. The wraparound sling forms a cross on your back. Make sure the fabric is evenly spread out and not twisted. This is the basic tying position.




The wrap cross carry back



3b. This is how it should look from the back. Again, take your time and make sure the fabric isn't twisted but nicely spread out on your back.

The fabric should be fairly tight. There is no need to leave 'room' for the baby in the belt. The fabric chosen for your baby sling has enough 'give' to let you slide the baby in.


The wrap cross carry 4


4. Now bring the baby over your shoulder as if you were going to burp her, then lower her in the belt formed by the fabric in front of you. Your baby should be facing you.


  • Her bottom should be at the level of your navel, her head at 'kiss level': if you bend you head, you should be able to kiss her forehead.
  • Her legs wide apart and flexed
  • The fabric should be spread from her thighs to her neck.
  • The fabric should be tight enough to support her back. If need be, place one hand under the baby's bottom to lift her weight a little to allow you to pull on the fabric a bit more. Do the same thing on the other side.  

The wrap cross carry 5

5. Take the fabric on your right, pull to make sure it is tight enough and bring it along your baby's back and under her left leg.
The upper hem of the wrap goes above the baby's shoulder and accross her back. The lower hem is wrapped under the baby's bottom.
Tuck the fabric under the baby's leg so you can work on the other side.



The wrap cross carry 6



6. Do the same thing with the other end of the baby sling. 





The wrap cross carry 7

7. Bring the two ends behind your back or on your hip and tie. Adjust the wrap around sling by spreading the fabric evenly along your baby's back and legs.




The wrap cross carry 8


 8. Make sure your child is sitting in a frog-like position with her knees up and legs flexed.





The wrap cross carry 9 

 9. Spread the fabric evenly over your shoulders and back if necessary as you'll be more comfortable.





The wrap cross carry 11


10. If you feel your baby is warm, you can push the two straps of the sling to the side, leaving only one layer of fabric on her back.





The wrap cross carry 12


11. You can also spread one of the fabric straps over her head to provide extra head support. This is particularly useful for small babies or when they fall asleep.






Top tips:

• Be sure the wrap is secured with a double knot and you're ready to go!

• Tie the wrap on your hip, it can be more comfortable, especially if you're sitting down (in the bus...).

• Fold the wrap in half lengthwise beforehand. It can be easier to tie, and avoids twisting the fabric.