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Napsack Baby



Baby carriers have been used for centuries. Babies are able to observe the world from the security of their parents' chest, hip or back -- and parents enjoy the freedom and convenience of a comfortable carrier. Babywearing lets you go about daily life while keeping your child close to your heart. 

Based on traditional Chinese Meh Dai carriers, the Napsack has several unique design innovations.


Napsack baby carriers have contoured, oar-shaped straps to distribute weight evenly across a wide section of your back, without restricting arm movement. 

The fabric does not cup across the shoulder and upper arm like a traditional wrap, so there is no restriction of your arm movement. The straps taper back in at the tips to allow for easy tying. 

Napsacks can be worn as a front or a back carrier. Like a wrap, the wide straps can be comfortably and flatteringly crossed over your chest, or gathered and worn straight over each shoulder like a rucksack. 

The upper straps are set at an angle slightly more vertical than 45 degrees, which allows you to snug the baby close to your chest. This provides longer and more weightless babywearing, with less strain on your back and shoulders. 


The hourglass shape to the body reduces bulk and increases air flow and comfort. Smaller babies often find the narrower seat more comfortable for their little legs, while older babies do not feel as confined. 

There is a layer of sturdy canvas hidden inside the body panels for strength. 

The top curve of the body can be flipped down for babies and toddlers who prefer to ride with their arms out of the carrier.


All cotton Napsacks are machine washable. Occasionally we make limited quantities of special Napsacks using various luxury materials such as silk, brocades, velvet and suede.


Only the highest quality materials are used. Each Napsack is reinforced both internally and externally. All Napsack Baby Carriers have been tested to BS EN 13209-2: 2005 which is the British and European safety standard for baby carriers. Napsack Baby Carriers have also passed stringent flammability and toxicity testing.

Our twill holds the Oko-Tex 100 certificate.