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Woven Wraps


Learn the most popular ways to use your wraparound baby sling, as a front baby carrier, as a backpack baby carrier or to carry your child on your hip. Take your time to read these step by step baby wrap instructions and find the ones you're most comfortable with.

Download the Woven Wrap instructions here >

Before you start wearing your baby carrier, please ensure you read these baby sling safety recommendations carefully.

Front carries

Hip carries

Back Carries

Front carries

Hip carries Back carries 

The child’s position in a baby sling

When your child is in the baby wrap, she should be sitting at “kiss-level”, you just need to tilt your head forward to kiss her forehead. No matter what type of baby sling you use, her bottom should not be lower than your navel. If she is too low, your back will ache.

The baby sling holds the baby in a sitting position, not hanging down by the crotch - her legs shouldn’t be dangling down. She sits in a frog-like position; her knees higher than her bottom. That way, there is no pressure on her spine. The baby carrier transfers the baby's weight to your body.

The baby wrap needs to be tied fairly snug, more than you would expect. Calin Bleu baby slings are made of fabric that has enough ’give’ in itself to mould around the baby and you. If your back is aching or if you find the baby is sliding down, it is probably not tight enough.

There are many positions you can use to carry your baby or toddler. We've provided step-by-step instructions for some of the easiest, most popular and comfortable carries you can use to carry your child on your front, hip and back. Start with front carries for young babies, hip carries for babies older than 4 months with head control and back carries for older babies and toddlers.


Ring Slings


We hope that you are pleased with your new ring sling. Although a ring sling might look a bit daunting at the beginning, after a few tries, you will find it easy and comfortable.

Below are instructions for some popular ways to wear your sling including how to thread the sling, the diagonal cradle carry, tummy to tummy and the hip carry, but once you get the hang of it feel free to invent your own.

Download the Ring Sling instructions here >

 Before you start wearing your ring sling, please ensure you read these baby sling safety recommendations carefully.


Diagonal Cradle Carry

Tummy to Tummy

Hip Carry


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