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Sling Safety

Before you start wearing your baby sling, please read the safety recommendations carefully.

Make sure your baby can breathe unobstructed...


Benefits of Babywearing

It is fascinating to see a child transformed when their parent starts carrying them. They are content, happy, with a little air of their face of "This is where I’m supposed to be"... Read more >>


Tips for a first time baby wearer

Practice and perseverance are the keys to successful, long-term baby wearing. Don’t let the initial difficulties, or a fussy baby, put you off. In some ways, baby wearing is similar to breastfeeding – it is both a natural thing and a learned skill... Read more >>


Carrying a baby facing forward

There are various ways to place your baby facing forward in a baby carrier but also a few issues to consider.

The first problem with facing forward is that it's difficult to sit the baby in a frog-like position which keeps its spine in a curved position as you can do when they are facing you... Read more >>


FAQs & Answers

At Calin Bleu, we're passionate about baby wearing, helping parents carry their children as long as they wish. We are always happy to answer your questions... Read more >>


1001 reasons why you love carrying your children

This is YOUR page, your words. You told us the 1001 reasons why you love carrying your children in a baby sling... We thank all the parents who have taken the time to write to us. We have had great pleasure in reading your stories... Read more >>


Baby wearing drawings

Prepare the next generation of baby wearers! Children love colouring pictures, and familiar pictures in particular... Read more >>


Children's books showing baby wearing

One evening, as we were reading Catch That Goat to our little girl, she became so excited: she had spotted a mum carrying a child on her back!

In a house full of baby slings, we only owned two books showing babies and children being carried... Read more >>