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Back Carries

How to use the Calin Bleu wraparound baby sling to carry your baby on your back



Carrying your baby on your back is a wonderful feeling, you can get on with your life while keeping your child – little baby or heavy toddler – close to you.

There are various ways of tying your wraparound baby sling as a baby backpack carrier.

Please remember to wash and dry your wrap from new as it will help soften the fabric ready for use. It will get softer and more comfortable every time you use it!

Click here for some general information about carrying your baby or toddler on your back > 


Getting baby on your back: Over your shoulder 

Back wrap baby sling shoulder


Getting baby on your back: Starting on your hip

Back wrap baby sling hip  


Secure High Back Carry (back wrap with chest knot)

Back wrap chest knot baby

This back wrap is a good wrap to start with. Tying the baby wrap on your chest makes it stable while you keep wrapping.


The Rucksack

Crossed rucksack baby wrap

Tying your wraparound baby carrier as a rucksack is quick to put on and works well with a Cool Cotton gauze wrap. Crossing the wrap over the baby's bottom gives extra support.