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About our wraps

What is a wraparound baby sling?

A Calin Bleu Cool Cotton Wrap is a wraparound style baby sling. This simple design is based on the tradition of mums from all over the world carrying their babies with a "simple piece of cloth" . A woven wrap sling is a long piece of material which you tie around yourself and your baby. The simplicity of this design allows you to carry your baby on your front, back, in a hammock or sitting up, on your hip... the variations are endless! There are whole websites and YouTube channels dedicated to the different carries - just ask us for our favourites. The same wrap will fit both parents, even if you are very different sizes. You will also be able to carry your child from birth to toddler with the same wrap.

The design of the wrap is the same, albeit in different proportions for differing lengths of wrap.  It is widest in the middle to take baby and tapered at the ends to assist in the wrapping and tying off process.


How do you wear your wrap?

Your Calin Bleu wrap is sent with a colour instruction booklet showing some of the most popular ways to use your baby sling, starting with the front wrap cross carry (FWCC), probably the easiest one to learn.

Take the time to practice and try them to find out which ones feel more comfortable for you and your baby. Some carries require less fabric than others so you will always be able to find a style which suits you no matter what your size. We have gathered our tips together to help you learn to use a baby sling. You can also take a look at our photo gallery to see how other people wear their wraparound sling.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will be delighted to help you. You can also visit Sling Meet to meet up with experienced baby wearers in your area who can help you find a comfortable fit. Get in touch with us, we can help you find someone local to you.


One size fits all

Calin bleu woven slings are around 65cm wide and are available in 2 sizes: 4.60m will allow all carries for parents under size 16 - we call this a Medium (Size 6 in wrap terminolgy). For size 18+, choose the Long version which is 5.20m (or Size 7 in wrap terminology). If you need any help with choosing the size, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we'll be happy to help.

These lengths are the most versatile as you can carry your baby in a hammock style or in a kangaroo style on your tummy facing you or on your back. Once your baby ia able to sit up unaided, you can also carry him on your hip.

Our wraps (and ring slings) are safety tested up to a weight of 15kg (approx 33lbs). The weight of baby that you are able to carry varies hugely on personal preference and experience, but babywearing certainly isn't 'only for newborns' - you can start using our baby carriers with older babies, even toddlers, especially if you want to gradulate from a stretchy wrap to learning how to use a woven wrap for back carrying.


Choosing a fabric

We search up and down the country and all over the world for fabrics that will make our wraps comfortable and stylish yet affordable. Our primary criteria for selecting a fabric will always be comfort of both parent and baby.

You're going to wear your wrap day in and day out for months and years, so choose a colour you like, something that 'goes' with your wardrobe and will make you feel good.


Safety precautions

We are proud to make safe baby slings which have been safety tested to EU standards, however, your baby's safety is your responsibility. Before you start wearing your sling, read these safety recommendations carefully. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Not just a baby carrier!

Yes, your new wrap is a baby sling but you will find that it has many uses: fold it and it becomes a blanket to go to the park, a foot muff in the pushchair, a sheet with Mummy's scent to sleep with at the nursery, a travel changing mat, a blanket when it turns out colder than you expected, a hammock, a parasol to protect your children from the sun, the possibilities are endless!


Caring for your wraparound sling

Wash your wrap once before using. Of course, it is tempting to try it as soon as you receive it but it will be more difficult to tie. With the first wash, the fabric will soften (yes, even the super soft gauze will), becomes grippier and achieve the nice *give* which makes it comfortable. This is especially important with the natural cotton gauze wraps as this fabric has not been processed at all. 

Wraparound slings can be machine-washed at 30°C on a gentle cycle with similar colours and hung to dry. We don't recommend tumble drying as it can destroy the cotton fibres. Instead, they dry super quick outside and very easily overnight in a home as long as they are given enough air.

Parents have found that the gauze wraps are ideal for reflux babies, they can be wiped clean during the day and easily washed and dried overnight.

Do not use bleach and avoid laundry powder with brighteners.

Care note: some washing machines can pull threads. If this is a concern you can protect your gauze wrap by washing it in a mesh delicates bag or a pillow case loosely sewn or closed with buttons.