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1001 reasons why you love carrying your children

This is YOUR page, your words. You told us the 1001 reasons why you love carrying your children in a baby sling... We thank all the parents who have taken the time to write to us. We have had great pleasure in reading your stories.

They grow-up so quick

Just takes a tick

So I make the most

of staying close

Pamela, Isle of Wight, UK

For all the bad that's out there in the world I can look directly into my baby's beautiful eyes and feel him next to me, hold my sons little hand in one of mine and my husband's in my other and feel everything I love in the world all at the same time. Lou, Leeds

So my baby is close to my heart. Julie, Liverpool

baby-sling-tracy31.jpgIt's a great way to work out with your baby on long walks. Sarah

Carrying my granddaughter Gracie is one of the greatest pleasures I have ever known. She was taken ill on arrival home from hospital after her birth .The only time I held her that week was to pass her from one paramedic to another so that oxygen could be administered, and she could be put into the ambulance. A terrible week followed during which we did not know if she would survive . Eventually she was well enough to come out of the incubator and the nurse in charge let me hold her properly. I cannot describe the joy and relief I felt . She is now eight weeks old and is thriving and carrying her is wonderful. Oonagh, Devon

I love carrying my child in a sling because.... as a foster carer what better way to show a baby love and security, especially when they might not have had it before. Name supplied

Because SHE loved to be held! Amanda

It is soothing for both me and my child. I can get things done easier with both my hands free while still providing a warm haven for my child and it builds up muscles. Carla, Pembrokeshire

I love the warm happy feeling I got when I carried my children - really lift the baby blues. Brenda, Blyth

The comforting feeling it gives my baby when he is being carried is so like the nurturing he received when he was in my womb. On a day to day basis it leaves my hands free to shop etc... but sometimes if he is restless, just wearing the sling indoors makes him feel reassured and he soon nods off contentedly. Carole, Herts

baby-sling-wrap32.jpgWith my baby in the sling, I can eat my lunch on the hoof as well as feeling so close to my treasure. Jaye, Hants

Because I know my baby is safe and not running into any trouble. As little hands can easy slip away for a closer look at water or the stray dog in the park! This way I can explain everything around us, including the dangers! As this method has been used for generations, I know it is one the best for mum and child.. L, Shropshire

I love carrying my children in a sling to make them feel safe and loved. Tracy, Gwent

When my baby is awake she is alert and, held aloft by my side, she sees the world as I see it - such fun! When she is sleepy, I cradle her snugly next to my heart in the sling. Esther

I like using a sling because it’s easier than using a buggy and allows you to get around places you wouldn’t be able to otherwise, like museums, art galleries, castles, caves etc. Kat Pond

I love wearing my baby because I can kiss her all the time as she’s just there! I love wearing my baby because I then have something to catch the crumbs when I eat ;-) hey presto, my clothes stay clean!! Suzanne

I love to snuggle up and it's convenient too. Erica

I love carrying my baby because she smells so good and she feels so warm. I breathe in her scent and feel her soft skin against me. Absolute bliss. Emma, Coventry

I want to make the most of being close while they are young because it wont be long before I'm just carrying them financially. Julie, Peterborough

When they're in the sling, I can smell them all the time. I never tire of that gorgeous baby smell!! Joanne, Ayrshire

I love carrying Sam as it keeps us both toasty warm during these blustery winter days. Ranita, Reading

I can sing to her, cuddle her, play with her, feel her warmth, her heart beating, feel at one again together... Julie, Surrey

baby-sling-forest33.jpgCalin Bleu baby slings are so stylish yet very practical too. I love carrying my son in his sling when were out and about I believe it helps him feel safe and secure been so close to me. Little miss happy

I love carrying my son because together we can get out away from the town and see the trees and hills in all seasons and weather. Christina

For me the most important is intimacy between me and the baby and feeling of endless love. Aga, Poland

Not having to lug a heavy pram everywhere, or try to negotiate narrow streets with said heavy pram, or shops not designed to cater for them , as well as loving the cuddles, the closeness, the fact that sometimes it is the only place that feli will so giving me some peace in the day..... Hands-free so I can cope with the other two children, so they get time from me. Bex, Isle of Wight

I didn't discover babywearing and the joys of slings until my third child! It transformed my life. For me the best reason is the fabulous intuitive relationship that we share - we understand each other. I am delighted that I have now discovered that I am expecting our fourth child so I'll be able to start the experience all over again. Katie

I have carried my baby next to my heart for 9 months already and will continue to keep my baby close to my heart forever. Dawn, Essex

My top reasons to carry my children:

I hate to drag along the pram everywhere I go, in and out of shops and over the hills...

My children hated to be in the pram, at least for the first year.

There is no better way to soothe a fussy child and make her sleep than rocking her in the sling while I tend to the laundry, vacuum, or make dinner...

If my baby has a cold and has trouble breathing while lying down, the sling is a perfect place to nap.

The slings are so beautiful, the perfect accessory for a new mom!

You are sure to get attention, positive attention. From the midwives and nurses at the hospital, to the older couple next door who wished they had something like that when their children were babies.

baby-sling-back34.jpgHow could anyone possibly take care of two children with less than two years between them without a sling? I carried my baby girl on my back while pushing the swing for her brother, getting him dressed in the morning, making him lunch and dinner, helping him to the bathroom...

I can have dinner ready at the same time every day despite a clingy, fussy baby...

I can work in the garden even though my newborn baby did not want to sleep in the pram. Leaving her inside by herself was not an option...

I can travel by airplane without having anything to check in, no big “odd size luggage” like a pram...

There is simply nothing you can not do with your baby in a sling that you can do without your baby!

Karin, Sweden

My first son was so happy tucked into his wrap that I just couldn't imagine how I managed before! Now my second child is on the way I am looking for an excuse to buy a new one, but the first has lasted so well (despite daily wearing for over 1 year), I haven't yet convinced my husband that I need it! Naomi

I love to wear my baby in a sling 'cause it's where she wants to be. So not wearing her wears me out! Rosemary

I loved carrying my baby facing forward as she used to swing and kick her legs around in delight! Sian, Newport

When it's cold he warms me up, I can look into his eyes and see the love inside. Kirstie, Hants

I carried my babies inside my belly for 9 months, so it only seems natural to carry them on my belly once they are born. I remember one winter's day in Amsterdam, when on the tram with my 2 year old son sat on my knee, I had been pointing things out of the window to him and asking him questions, and answering his. A man sat behind me got up to leave and commented that he admired me for being such a good Mum to my boy. I replied, 'Oh, I don't just have the one', and opened my coat to reveal my 2wk old daughter nestled in her Tricot-Slen at my breast. 'Oh my goodness' he replied, 'How wonderful is that?' And he was right. If I had had a pushchair or pram we would all have been stood somewhere at the front of the tram by the doors, squeezed into a tiny gap, having people push past us. Carrying my children has enabled us all to stay close and enjoy many number of intimite moments together as a family. I still carry my daughter at 2 years old, only on my back now! Sarah, Newbury

baby-sling-hammock35.jpgMy house is incredibly cold, carrying my baby son in a sling means I can constantly monitor his temperature. EJ

My name is Karin, and I am a proud mother of two from Karlskrona, Sweden. I have carried them both on a daily basis, since my firstborn was not very happy in the pram. He needed to be close, and I needed him to be close to me... So I bought my first wraparound sling, a stretchy Moby Wrap. Then a made a ring sling and I bought a Storchenwiege, and a Hoppediz, and so on. One of my all time favourites, one will not sell on, is the Calin Bleu Gauze pictured. Perfect for hot summer days, or hot feverish children who need to hear mommy’s heart close to sleep...

To make her feel safe, secure and loved. And to get out of pushing a huge great pushchair around! Beverley, Derbys

Well, she isn't really a baby now, she's two. But I like to think of her as my baby. I like to carry Daisy because it means we're both at the point where we're everything to each other. If she feels poorly, I pick her up. If she falls over, I pick her up. If she wants a different view of the living room, I pick her up. If she wants to dance about with me, I pick her up. Happy or sad, I love holding her, with her arms wrapped round my neck, her cheek pressed to mine. I like being the centre of the world that she clings to, for the moment at least. There. Once can of beer and I'm all words! Kay

The best thing about carrying my daughter in a sling, is that she sits safely on my back while we are playing "horse". I run back and forth in our house, with a laughing one year old on my back and I know that when I play the horse, while I'mgaloping, trotting and jumping, she's there and she just can't slip because I lost the grip on her legs. With a Calin Bleu, I play with my daughter as I'd have loved my parents to play with me when I grew up! Pernilla, Sweden

Why else would I carry my baby but to show him off to the world - he is all mine. Sarah, Essex

baby-sling-work37.jpgJust making the most of them when they are young and there is nothing more special than feeling close to your child. Make the most of it before they are at school! Dawn, Liverpool

What can be better than that secure feeling of your precious little baby snuggled by your chest. Sarah, Bridgend

... because I can smell my little darling's hair and cover him in kisses all the time. J., Luton

I love carrying my daughter so close to my heart is i can feel the beat of her heart on mine and I got into an almost meditative state as I feel them beating together and fusing as one. J., Glasgow

I love carrying my baby in a sling because it keeps her close to my heart. Mandy, Plaistow

It is faster than making them walk...

When they are on your front, it covers up the sticky handprints on your t shirt!!!

I like a snuggle when they are sleepy!

Vicky, Doncaster

baby-sling-wrap38.jpgI can take my child everywhere I like without being restrained by a stroller and pathways and weather. Especially in cold, snowy days my baby is like my own warm portable heater. She's warming me and I´m warming her.

Anna, Sweden

I can feel close to my baby. Harvey, Bexley

I love to carry my baby to feel the warmth and soft touch of her beautiful skin... Diane, Belfast